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Site Overview

Our Goals

Our Novel Ideas is meant to be a book review resource: for teenagers and children, and by teenagers and children. We felt that there were not enough kid-authored book reviews on the web, so we set out to change that fact.

How It Works

This site reviews books generally geared towards ages 8-16. Because we are three sisters spaced out by 5 years, the books we review are for different age groups. For example, some of the books geared to older readers will only be reviewed by the eldest sister, Gabriella. Likewise, books geared towards younger children may only be reviewed by the youngest sister, Isabella. But, whenever possible, all three of us try to review a book.

If anyone sends us an email requesting that a specific book be reviewed, then we will try to do so. However, due to library selection, time constraints, book appropriateness, etc., we may or may not be able to review books requested.


All of the reviews on this website are OUR OPINION ONLY. Be influenced by our reviews at your own risk!