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by Ben Mikaelsen


Isabella's Review: ***** out of five

Koby was in a car accident and has lost her foot. Koby and her parents, who are close to divorcing, live on a houseboat. When Koby goes out one day on her dinghy "Titmouse" she sees a whale that is caught in a net and in close to dying. The whale's just-born baby is also in distress because she cannot breathe. After freeing the mother whale, she finds both mother and baby, who she names Lady and Squirt, stranded on an island. Seagulls are picking flesh from Squirt. If Lady turns over, Koby thinks she'll die. Koby needs help. Will Koby's parents find her in time to help Lady and Squirt? I loved this book. Out of five stars, I'd give this a six.

Gabriella's Review: ***** out of five

Stranded has many vivid scenes with the whales (see Isabella's review), but also shines in its portrait of Koby's feelings. Many of the best parts of the book are those that deal with Koby's uneasiness at her parent's divorce, her yearning for more freedom from her worried parents, and especially her loneliness and fear of teasing after losing her leg. Koby is a tangible and realistic character. The plot is wonderful, too, and the entire tale is very well written. This is a terrific book. I'd recommend it to ages 9 and up, due to scary situations and advanced vocabulary.

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