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The Wanderer

by Sharon Creech


Isabella's Review: **** out of five

Sophie and her three uncles and two cousins are riding on a ship called The Wanderer. They are sailing to England to see her Bompie (grandfather). In this book, there are chapters that are diary entries made by Sophie and Cody, one of her cousins, while on their trip across the ocean. This book has humor, and it is an exciting adventure book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Cecilia's Review: **** and a half out of five

The Wanderer, by Sharon Creech, was a truly unforgettable book for me. It is the combined journals of Sophie and Cody as they take a trip over the ocean to meet their grandfather, Bompie. Sophie is a deep thinker that enjoys almost everything. Cody, my favorite of the two, is charming and funny, with a carefree sort of attitude. Brian is another passenger on "The Wanderer". He is serious and very organized, and loves to make lists. This story is very enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone: boy or girl, ages 8 to 108.

Gabriella's Review: **** out of five

The Wanderer, like many of Creech's books, is about young people on a journey of self-discovery. This book is written from the points-of-view of Sophie, an adventurous girl, and her confusing cousin, Cody. This book is beautifully written, mysterious and poetic in its style. Because this book has the points-of-view of both a male and female protagonist, I would recommend it to any young adults who like a good story and realistic, identifiable characters.

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